Michigan’s Albion College invited Gary and Joanie McGuffin to be guest lecturers during their annual Canada Week celebrations. As wilderness ambassadors of Canada, the McGuffins’ lectures focused on Canada’s rich art culture and natural heritage. Gary and Joanie presented their Group of Seven cultural research and their Great Lakes adventures to Albion College students in art, art history, Canadian studies, and natural science programs. The McGuffins participated in a unique interactive component by canoeing the Kalamazoo River and exploring the Whitehouse Nature Center. On the final evening, the McGuffins screened their documentary film “Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven” for the first time in the USA at Albion’s Historic Bohm Theatre that included an inspirational Q&A with the audience.

Following the Canadian Consul General’s Address to the Albion students, the McGuffins met with Douglas George to discuss tourism and economic opportunities between Michigan and Ontario through the Group of Seven story and the shared Great Lakes resource.

The McGuffins are available for speaking and lecturing engagements on their Great Lakes conservation initiatives and Group of Seven research.  

For more information contact Joanie and Gary McGuffin at: info@themcguffins.ca

The McGuffins lecturing in Professor Patrick McLean’s Canadian studies class following their field trip to the McMichael Gallery, the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Canadian Canoe Museum.
Following a lecture “Saving Wilderness Through Art, Adventure and Conservation”, the McGuffins talk with Professor Bille Wickre’s art history students and Professor Douglas White’s environment and ecology students.
The McGuffins are treated to an early morning paddle on the nearby Kalamazoo River.
Patrick McLean(bow) and Richard Wells(stern) accompany the McGuffins on a paddle up the Kalamazoo River as part of their visit to the College.
Joanie and Gary give a community presentation Discovering Painted Land in Bobbitt Visual Art Centre Auditorium in Albion Michigan.

Albion College Alumnus Richard Wells and his wife Linda generously sponsor the McGuffins visit to Albion College classes and Painted Land film screening.

The film Painted Land premiered in the USA at Albion, Michigan’s recently renovated historic Bohm Theatre April 6th.

Douglas George, Consul General Of Canada, speaking with Gary and Joanie following his address to Albion College students.

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